At St- Boniface Hospital, hope and healing means so much to so many.

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Senior Management Team

Brenda Badiuk
Interim President & Chief Executive Officer
St. Boniface Hospital
Administrative Assistant: 204-237-2340

Dr. C. Scott Brudney
Executive Director
Clinical Programs &
Chief Medical Officer

Telephone: 204-237-2317

Wendy Rudnick
Executive Director
Clinical Programs &
Chief Nursing Officer

Telephone: 204-235-3021

Kyla Kramps
Chief Financial Officer

Telephone: 204-235-3597

Nicole Aminot
Interim Executive Director
Support Services
Telephone: 204-237-2632

Paulette McCarthy
Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources
Telephone: 204-237-2735

Dr. Grant Pierce
Executive Director
Telephone: 204-235-3206

Hélène Vrignon
Corporate Affairs & Communications
Telephone: 204-237-2323

Vince Barletta
President & CEO
St. Boniface Hospital Foundation
Telephone: 204-237-2067


Board of Directors

Tom Carson

Members at large:

Léo Charrière

Gabor Csepregi

Romel Dhalla

Neil Duboff

Dr. Jose François

Dr. Gary Glavin

Hugh Goldie

Jacqueline Gosselin

Cliff Jeffers

Diane Leclercq

Bob Pruden

Bianca Salnave-Dandekar

Son Excellence Monseigneur Albert LeGatt

Joanne Therrien

Haig Vanlian

Daniel Lussier (ex-officio)

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