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Get your flu shot!

The flu poses a significant risk for vulnerable patients in our care. Elderly patients and people with chronic medical issues in the community are also more likely to be affected by the flu. In recent years, there has been an increase in healthy young adults who become critically ill as a result of the flu.

Get your flu shot!

I have gotten the flu shot every year for over 15 years. As a physician, I get the shot to avoid spreading the flu to the vulnerable patients I see in our outpatient clinics and other areas of the hospital. I want to raise the importance of the flu shot to my patients, my colleagues, and other health care providers. My family’s health is also important – that’s why we all get the flu shot every year.

The Leadership Team and I believe it is vital all St. Boniface Hospital staff, physicians, students, and volunteers get their flu shot too. Many of you will recall the spring 2016 influenza when we experienced a surge in patients needing care across all areas of the hospital and in our critical care areas. Employees worked over 800 additional shifts to care for patients critically ill with influenza and replace sick coworkers. It was a challenge for the entire hospital as we looked for ways to support patients, their families, staff, and physicians. We are grateful to all staff and physicians who responded to our urgent needs and attended to patients with care and compassion.

A simple and effective way to prevent the spread of the flu is by getting your flu shot every year. It does make a difference.

The flu vaccine changes every year to protect us from the flu. The effects of the flu vaccine wear off and there is a new flu vaccine for 2016-2017. Even if you were vaccinated late in the flu season in spring 2016, you are not protected from this year’s flu virus.

Our patients, families, and co-workers are depending on us – get your flu shot now.

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The Everett Atrium serves as the main entrance for St. Boniface Hospital, located at 409 Taché Avenue. A public space, it includes the main Inquiry Desk, several retail services available to patients, visitors, and staff , and leads to the Buhler Gallery, an art gallery open to all.





We invite patients and visitors to ask the staff at the Main Information Desk for directions and wayfinding.


Help Us Reduce the Spread of Infections

Hand hygiene is the #1 way to prevent the spread of infections. Hand sanitizers are conveniently located throughout the hospital... before entrances, on patient care units, and near elevators. Please use them!

* Your doctors and nurses should practice hand hygiene every time they enter your room.

* Clean your hands before eating, after using the restroom, and after touching surfaces in the hospital room.





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